Making 'Green' Global
Since Orgbon founded his environmental organization, Greening Forward, at age 12, it's gone global.
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  • He says: "We can't wait for youth to grow up before we begin supporting them with the tools they will need to address our world's environmental problems."

  • Charles Orgbon

  • Moving the green movement forward
  • Age: 16
  • School: Mill Creek High School
  • Hometown: Dacula, Ga.
  • Gender: Male
  • Category: Green Innovation
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  • After witnessing litter take over his school campus, then-12-year-old Charles decided to make a difference by starting Greening Forward. Its mission is to "establish, engage, and empower a diverse global movement of people for the protection of the environment powered by young people." He believes his peers are tomorrow's environmental leaders and change-makers -- and the success of the organization is a testament to that. The 16-year-old has helped make Greening Forward a powerhouse movement, growing from a Dacula, Ga., organization to one that has effected change on a large scale, reaching thousands of youths and hundreds of schools across the United States, Asia and Africa. "We're helping to shape a change in culture about what young people can and cannot do," he said. "With the right support, young people can do anything."