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2013 The Root 100

On the tennis court, a history-chasing Serena Williams has few rivals.

  • Influence: 286.9
  • Reach: 18.21
  • Substance: 8.2
  • Media Mentions: 26595
  • Internet Mentions: 15400000
  • Twitter Followers: 3930927
  • Serena Williams

  • At the age of 31, the tennis star has won her fifth U.S. Open.
  • Job: Professional tennis player
  • Sector: Sports
  • Twitter: @serenawilliams
  • Location: Paris
  • Age: 31
  • Bio:

    There's no sight sweeter than a triumphant Serena Williams -- and that's what the living tennis legend gave her fans this September when she won her fifth U.S. Open title. With her eyes on making history, Williams is on a mission to dominate tennis when most players her age begin to fatigue. Eighteen years in on a sport she began playing as a child, Williams appears to be sharper and in better shape than she's ever been, attacking the court and astounding opponents. She is currently ranked the No. 1 female singles player in the world, with this being her sixth time reigning at the top. And she seems to have no intention of coming down, as she's the current champion of not just the U.S. Open, but also the French Open and the WTA Tour Championships.

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