2013 The Root 100

Rashad Robinson and Color of Change are making a difference by targeting corporate backers of pro-"Stand your ground" groups.

  • Influence: 201.9
  • Reach: 9.95
  • Substance: 8
  • Media Mentions: 60
  • Internet Mentions: 46000
  • Twitter Followers: 3211
  • Rashad Robinson

  • Rashad Robinson and Color of Change are taking on ALEC -- the American Legislative Exchange Council -- which is responsible for creating and pushing "Stand your ground" gun laws.
  • Job: Executive director, Color of Change
  • Sector: Business
  • Twitter: @rashadrobinson
  • Location: New York City
  • Age: 34
  • Bio:

    Long before most of us had ever heard of "Stand your ground," Rashad Robinson and his group, Color of Change, knew exactly where this law had come from and what it was all about. It was ALEC -- the conservative-leaning American Legislative Exchange Council -- that had promoted it to multiple state legislatures. And as Robinson and Color of Change are wont to do (brilliantly, we'll add), they hit ALEC where it would hurt most, by pressuring 50 major corporate donors to stop funding the group. Robinson, who is an LGBT activist as well as a civil rights advocate, has called this strategy "holding America's largest corporations accountable to the ordinary folks who buy their products." 

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