2013 The Root 100

Brooks is co-founder of Citizen Made, a company that helps businesses to take their brands to a whole new level in the digital marketplace. 

  • Influence: 141.9
  • Reach: 8.89
  • Substance: 6.9
  • Media Mentions: 7
  • Internet Mentions: 65400
  • Twitter Followers: 1467
  • Rachel A. Brooks

  • Helping businesses make their brands stand out in the digital space.
  • Job: Digital producer, co-founder of Citizen Made
  • Sector: Business
  • Twitter: @RachelABrooks
  • Location: Chicago and New York City
  • Age: 26
  • Bio: So, you're getting to ready to make that custom purchase online of what you hope will be a one-of-a-kind bike, sweater, hand-sculpted vase -- you fill in the blank. The maker of your product offers it in a variety of colors, patterns or designs. Wouldn't it be cool if you could "visualize" exactly what you'll be getting before placing your order, and then have the option to share your excitement, along with a true-to-detail image, with all your friends on social media? That's basically the genius behind Rachel A. Brooks' e-commerce company, Citizen Made, a business she and her co-founder initially set up to help sell men's apparel online. Now, Citizen Made offers its software to businesses to help them increase sales and recognition of their unique brands by helping their customers "visually place" their orders from their sites. "We believe in local businesses, small-batch production and the power of makers who share their unique product offering with the world," Brooks explains. With the creation of Citizen Made, it looks like Brooks is offering something pretty unique herself.Visit her website and like her Facebook page.