2013 The Root 100

Neal Sales-Griffin is the man behind the Web design and development school the Starter League.

  • Influence: 160.2
  • Reach: 10.10
  • Substance: 7.1
  • Media Mentions: 30
  • Internet Mentions: 120000
  • Twitter Followers: 3398
  • Neal Sales-Griffin

  • Co-founder of the Starter League, a web design and development school.
  • Job: CEO of the Starter League
  • Sector: STEM
  • Twitter: @nealsales
  • Location: Chicago
  • Age: 26
  • Bio: Want to build a Web app? Learn how to code and program? Design for the Web? In Chicago, there's a school for that. The man behind it is 26-year-old Neal Sales-Griffin, co-founder of the Web design and development school the Starter League. In 2010, Sales-Griffin left a promising career with a venture-capitalist firm to create his own venture focusing on educating beginner Web designers and developers. Initially called Code Academy, it was later renamed the Starter League, and the 2-year-old Chicago-based school receives applicants from all over the U.S. and internationally, with 60 percent of the program's applicants coming from outside the region.Visit his website and like his Facebook page.