2013 The Root 100

Kortney Ryan Ziegler gives voice to black transgender people through art and scholarship.

  • Influence: 196.7
  • Reach: 9.45
  • Substance: 8
  • Media Mentions: 12
  • Internet Mentions: 71300
  • Twitter Followers: 3037
  • Kortney Ryan Ziegler

  • One of very few trans men who write and do art around queer and transgender issues; his acclaimed blog, blac(k)ademic.
  • Job: Filmmaker, visual artist, writer, academic
  • Sector: Entertainment/Media
  • Twitter: @fakerapper
  • Location: Oakland, Calif.
  • Age: 32
  • Bio:

    "I've realized that the plight of being a black man in America is not what I understood it to be when I was not living as a black man in America," says Kortney Ryan Ziegler. "What I mean by that is just it's really sad the way people fear me. Or the way that people see me and don't see me. I'm very hyper-visible." Ziegler can also be said to be hyperproductive. He is a scholar (the first African American to receive a doctorate in African-American studies from Northwestern University), a filmmaker, blogger, entrepreneur and social activist. The thread that holds everything together weaves around race, queer-trans issues and gender. Ziegler's best-known work is the 2008 film Still Black: A Portrait of Black Transmen, and the smart, sometimes poignant, but always accessible blog, blac(k)ademic, which touches on issues from pop culture (Orange Is the New Black) to black masculinity

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