2013 The Root 100

Joy-Ann Reid wears many media hats well as a lofty opinion writer and frequent TV pundit.

  • Influence: 221.3
  • Reach: 11.96
  • Substance: 8
  • Media Mentions: 211
  • Internet Mentions: 55400
  • Twitter Followers: 76981
  • Joy-Ann Reid

  • A strong voice of political reason on many platforms today including TV, print and online outlets.
  • Job: Managing editor, on-air personality, political op-ed writer
  • Sector: Entertainment/Media
  • Twitter: @TheReidReport
  • Location: Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • Age: 44
  • Bio:

    Joy-Ann Reid is one of those rare journalists with both broadcast and writing chops, interjecting her reasoned voice into the national conversation. She is a frequent presence on MSNBC, the managing editor of the Grio, the political columnist at the Miami Herald and editor of the political blog t he Reid Report. Reid takes on the topics of the day with smarts, analytical aplomb and often humor (for instance, calling Bill DeBlasio's apparent win in New York City's Democratic mayoral primary "afro-mentum"). Her tweets after Vladimir Putin's New York Times op-ed piece were thus: "Those on the right who hate Pres. Obama so much that you're making a hero out of Vladimir Putin need to get on the Google. Seriously." And then: "And those on the left who see Putin as a peacemaker? Same deal. Google."

    Visit her website.

  • Fun Fact: "I once was handed the mic by Ruby Baker at a show she did in Miami a few years ago. She later had dinner with my best friend and told her about this lady who threw down on the mic singing, 'Sweet Thang' like you wouldn't believe! There's an off chance it might have been the cocktails, but I'm taking full credit anyway."