2013 The Root 100

Danielle Moodie-Mills is an LGBT-rights activist instrumental in changing the face of the movement.

  • Influence: 167.3
  • Reach: 8.85
  • Substance: 7.5
  • Media Mentions: 8
  • Internet Mentions: 92600
  • Twitter Followers: 846
  • Danielle Moodie-Mills

  • Activist for LGBT rights and marriage equality, cultural critic.
  • Job: Community activist, lobbyist
  • Sector: Government/Politics
  • Twitter: @DeeTwoCents
  • Location: Washington, D.C.
  • Age: 33
  • Bio: "Be visible, be fabulous, be in your space" is the motto Danielle Moodie-Mills shouts in her personal and political life. As advisers for LGBT Policy & Racial Justice at the Center for American Progress, Moodie-Mills and her equally dynamic wife, Aisha, have been the very public faces for marriage equality in particular and political activism in general. A frequent pundit, writer and self-declared "polinista," Moodie-Mills wields her acerbic wit ("You have black people who go outside," she wryly declared on an MSNBC segment about stereotypes regarding black girls and camping) and her powerful musings on her lifestyle blog about everything from summertime blues to rape culture, to work her authentic life. Visit her website and like her Facebook page.