2013 The Root 100

The current mayor of Newark, N.J., is a candidate for U.S. Senate. 

  • Influence: 289.3
  • Reach: 16.03
  • Substance: 8.5
  • Media Mentions: 4560
  • Internet Mentions: 1690000
  • Twitter Followers: 1402213
  • Cory Booker

  • Democratic hopeful for U.S. Senate.
  • Job: Civil servant, politician
  • Sector: Government/Politics
  • Twitter: @CoryBooker
  • Location: Newark, N.J.
  • Age: 44
  • Bio: As many had been predicting practically since he first took office in 2006, the mayor of Newark, N.J., Cory Booker, finally put in his hat for a national run this year. His bid for U.S. Senate is the latest stop in a seven-year tenure as mayor, during which Booker often made national headlines: living on food stamps in the projects, rescuing a woman from a burning building and most notably, getting Mark Zuckerberg to pledge a cool $100 million to Newark's public schools. Throw in his more than 1.4 million active Twitter followers, and we have to ask: Do all Rhodes (Scholars) lead to the White House? Visit his website and like his Facebook page.