2013 The Root 100

Ben Jealous is the head of the NAACP, a civil rights activist and a frequent political pundit. 

  • Influence: 298
  • Reach: 12.41
  • Substance: 9
  • Media Mentions: 438
  • Internet Mentions: 197000
  • Twitter Followers: 29597
  • Benjamin Jealous

  • Youngest head of NAACP and co-organizer of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of March on Washington
  • Job: President and CEO of the NAACP
  • Sector: Government/Politics
  • Twitter: @benjealous
  • Location: Baltimore
  • Age: 40
  • Bio: "These are times of great possibility, but also times of great peril that demand courage and action," says Benjamin Jealous, the 40-year-old president and CEO of the NAACP. Four years ago, when Jealous came to head the venerable body, it was limping toward obscurity. Today, by facing down issues such as racial profiling, voter suppression, marriage equality and Trayvon Martin's murder case (the group is trying to get George Zimmerman indicted on federal civil rights charges), the NAACP has inserted itself in the national conversation in a way that it hadn't since the 1960s. Jealous, a Rhodes scholar and frequent TV pundit, has introduced some of that old-time activism (see #MoralMondays in North Carolina and the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington) with new technology. (Jealous says there are 1.3 million online activists in the organization.) In September, Jealous announced he would be stepping down as leader at the end of the year, leaving the organization four short years after his arrival in a much bigger and better place -- in the black.  Visit his website and like his Facebook page.