2013 The Root 100

Mayor Aja Brown is working to change the face of Compton, Calif.

  • Influence: 149.2
  • Reach: 8.76
  • Substance: 7.1
  • Media Mentions: 18
  • Internet Mentions: 75300
  • Twitter Followers: 400
  • Aja Brown

  • She's the young, idealistic mayor seeking to change Compton, Calif.
  • Job: Mayor of Compton, Calif.
  • Sector: Government/Politics
  • Twitter: @AjaLBrown
  • Location: Compton, Calif.
  • Age: 31
  • Bio: Elected in a landslide, 31-year-old Aja Brown is the popular and promising young mayor of Compton, Calif. She took office July 2 after beating Compton's self-proclaimed "gangster mayor," Omar Bradley, by more than 70 percentage points. In the press she's been hailed as a new look for Compton -- an ambitious, stylish and polished political figure. Recently Brown was featured in Vogue magazine, and she is the youngest African-American mayor Compton has ever had. After a successful career in municipal economic development, she has taken on Compton both as her home and as an urban planning project, seeking an end to Compton's days of corruption and stagnant politics.Visit her website and like her Facebook page.