2012 The Root 100

Democratic National Committee Press Secretary Melanie Roussell has a knack for rapid response.

  • Influence: 141.9
  • Reach: 8.4
  • Substance: 7.0
  • Media Mentions: 95
  • Internet Mentions: 799
  • Twitter Followers: 3170
  • Melanie Roussell

  • Press secretary for the Democratic National Committee, with a knack for rapid response.
  • Job: Press secretary for the Democratic National Committee
  • Sector: Government/Politics
  • Twitter: @MelanieDNC
  • Location: Washington, D.C.
  • Age: 33
  • Bio: When Ted Nugent attended an NRA convention in April 2012 and unleashed a barrage of insults and borderline threats at the Obama administration, the conservative rocker's tirade didn't go unnoticed -- or unanswered. In an epic 30-tweet response, Melanie Roussell proved she could fire broadsides with the best of them, taunting GOP leadership for its "crickets" response to Nugent's rant. It was just another day for Roussell in her 24-7-365 job as press secretary for the Democratic National Committee. The New Orleans native has a history of fast action. Whether she was acting as public information director for the Orleans Parish district attorney, fielding daily crisis messaging during Hurricane Katrina or handling media inquiries for the secretary of housing and urban development, it was understood: In a crisis, who ya gonna call? Now working with the DNC chair, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Roussell defends the committee and Team Obama with equal fervor, whether excoriating the Romney-Ryan "vouchercare" health care plan or making clear the distinctions between Democratic and Republican platforms. But there's always an eye on the prize: "Re-electing the president is the most important thing we can do," Roussell told Afro.com last September.