1. News

    1. 1st Child With Double Hand Transplant Is Making Amazing Progress

    2. Man Sentenced to 14 Years for Giving Butt Injections to Woman Who Later Died
    3. Man Dead After Date With Woman He Met Online
    4. Newark, NJ, Police Chased 10-Year-Old Boy With Guns Drawn in Case of Mistaken Identity
    5. Accused Charleston, SC, Shooter ‘Self-Radicalized’ Online, Prosecutors Say
    6. Federal Judge Finds Ferguson, Mo., School Elections Unfair to Black Voters 
    7. Ohio Inmate Who Survived Botched 2009 Execution Appeals 2nd Attempt 
    8. 2 Body Cameras Captured Footage of Sylville Smith Shooting Death, Attorney General Says 
    9. Tenn. Father Accused of Killing 11-Year-Old Daughter Fails Drug Test
    10. President Obama to Visit Baton Rouge
  2. Culture

    1. Mr. Church: Just Another Film About a Black Man Being a White Woman’s Servant

    2. 10 Things Afro-Brazilians Want You to Know
    3. Unique Views, Episode 7: White Lies, the Birth of a Scandal and Celebrity Crushes
    4. The Story of Bresha Meadows: Who Will Sing a Black Girl’s Song?
    5. White Lies: A Brief History of White People Lying About Crimes
    6. Michael Phelps’ Gold Medals Can’t Outshine Usain Bolt’s Black Brilliance
    7. You Can Enjoy the Club and Be 'Marriage Material'
    8. Nonprofit BMe Deposits $1,000,000 in Black-Owned Bank, Calls on Others to #BankBlack
    9. A Hip-Hop Hall of Fame for the ‘Other Guy’
    10. Black Lotus Is a Woman’s Search for Racial Identity in a Racist World
  3. Lists

    1. 8 GIFs to Celebrate Obama’s Birthday

    2. Happy Birthday, Laurence Fishburne! Celebrate His Most Epic Movie Moments
    3. The Ultimate Breakup Playlist, Inspired by Mary J. Blige and Kendu Isaacs
    4. 9 Hilarious RNC Memes
    5. 7 Times Fantasia Took Us to Church With Her Stunning Performances
    6. 6 Black Women Who Are Leading Africa’s Digital Revolution
    7. 10 STEM Summer Camps for Students of Color
    8. The Most Important Job Nobody Wants: The 3 People Who Could Be Trump’s Veep Pick
    9. These Musicians Are Geminis. But Are You Surprised?
    10. 15 New Books by Black Authors to Dive Into This Summer
  4. Politics

    1. ‘We Need Real Democracy’: On the Choice of Stein-Baraka This Fall

    2. Finding Carly: Whatever Happened to the Breakout Stars, Heroes and Flops of the 2016 Primary Season?
    3. These 4 Court Rulings Give Police Powerful Weapons to Abuse Your Rights. They Need to Go
    4. Admit It, Pundits: Racism Is Driving Trump's Campaign
    5. A Dear John Letter to the Democratic Party
    6. The GOP Hires Black ‘Suicide Squad’ to Save It From Trump
    7. Legal, Media Experts Say White Supremacists Are Using Trump to Grow Numbers
    8. That 1 Time Donald Trump Was Right
    9. Don’t Throw Your Vote Away on Jill Stein
    10. George P. Bush’s Spineless Move to Endorse Trump Is About Power, Not Principle
  5. History

    1. Did My Black Ancestors Enter the US via Ellis Island?

    2. How Do I Save a Family Bible That Is Falling Apart?
    3. Did My Black Forebear Have Kids With a White Employer?
    4. Do I Really Have African and Native American Ancestry?
    5. Help Me Find My Ancestors in Slave Records
    6. How Do I Connect With Kin of My Ancestor’s Slave Owners?
    7. Star-Spangled Bigotry: The Hidden Racist History of the National Anthem
    8. A DNA Test Says I’m Part Black. How Do I Embrace That?
    9. Am I Related to Free People of Color in NC?
    10. Tell Me More About My Runaway Slave Ancestor
  6. Photos

    1. Naming Black Excellence: The Root 100 Release Reception

    2. 20 Black Films Made After She’s Gotta Have It That You Should See
    3. It’s Been 2 Years Since Ferguson: Where Are They Now?
    4. She’s Gotta Have It, 30 Years Later: Where Are They Now?
    5. 40 Black Athletes to Watch at the Rio Olympics
    6. Our Power, Our Promise: When Thought Leaders Conjoin 
    7. Boyz n the Hood Cast at 25: Where Are They Now?
    8. Tumult: 72 Hours in Photos 
    9. Tennis Royalty: The Williams Sisters Love to Serve
    10. Happy 18th Birthday, Malia Obama!