The Root Celebrates National Gratitude Month With a Gratitude Challenge

This month, your social media will be very grateful and very lit.

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November is National Gratitude Month. That’s a beautiful thing. Let’s think about gratitude, shall we?

Many of us are movers and shakers—flying through the ups and downs of life like champs. Whether it’s taking on a new job that scared the living daylights out of you when you applied, or getting a serious diagnosis but still making dinner for your family that night, or welcoming a new life to the world, or whatever the case of this thing called life may be, one thing is certain: Life ain’t easy. But life is beautiful.

No matter what you believe in, there’s no doubt that life is indeed a gift. It’s something that deserves some form of gratitude. And maybe you forget to be grateful for all that’s going on in your beautiful life, but not this month. This month, we’re choosing gratitude.

Gratitude is bigger than giving thanks (no shade to Thanksgiving). Gratitude is an appreciation, a satisfaction so deep, it allows us to pay it forward and extend that goodness to others. And what’s better is that scientifically, gratitude has the kind of benefits anyone would pay for. It’s been proved that practicing gratitude reduces body aches, anxiety and depression; helps you sleep better; improves blood pressure; strengthens relationships; and obviously increases happiness. Doesn’t that sound like all the things you need in life?

Well it’s your lucky day … or lucky month! The Root is practicing gratitude this month, and we hope you’ll join us on this challenge! Every day this month, we will post a new gratitude-challenge action item on our Instagram account. You can participate by sharing your thoughts or experience in the comment section of each daily post and/or posting your own photos of your experience using the hashtag #TheRootofGratitude.

For day 1, feel free to repost this image on your social media to let the people in your life know that you’re accepting the challenge and are going to show gratitude all month. Challenge them to join you! Bring on the gratitude!


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Day 5:

Challenge yourself! #TheRootofGratitude #TheRoot #gratitude #meditate #selfcare

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