Nina, Starring Zoe Saldana, Finally Has a Release Date, and Folks Are None Too Happy

The Nina Simone biopic was not cast right, if you let black Twitter tell it.

Legendary jazz and blues singer Nina Simone in concert at the Olympia music hall in Paris on Oct. 22, 1991


After lots of hemming and hawing, fits and starts, it looks as if that Nina Simone biopic starring Zoe Saldana is coming out, and black Twitter is not having it.

On Tuesday the movie poster was released, and tweets ranged from some that just said “no” repeatedly to others that consisted of virtual head shaking at the disrespect of having a slight, brown-skinned woman darkened up to play a large, imposing, dark-skinned icon. To many it’s just more Hollywood B.S.—and highlights the fact that there are not enough black actresses being given a chance there.

Though there are rumors that Saldana doesn’t identify as black, the video below says otherwise. However, the fact remains that another actress might have been a better choice to play a woman so many revere and look to for her deep liberation songs.

And then there’s this:

On April 22, Nina will be released on VOD services and in select theaters.