Solange Loses Her Wedding Ring on Mardi Gras Float

She may have lost her ring, but this bohemian black girl still has lots to be thankful for. 


Solange Knowles, who has made New Orleans her home for years, lost her wedding ring Friday while she participated in weekend Mardi Gras festivities, reports People Style Watch.

Seen below in this video before she hopped aboard the stiletto-shaped float hosted by Krewe of Muses, Solange, 29, says she’s “Bout to be hype!”

Perhaps the avant-garde fashionista got a bit too hype, as reports began coming in via social media that she had lost her wedding ring in the commotion of throwing candy-themed trinkets from the float.

People reports that the Krewe of Muses (an all-female Mardi Gras organization that gave Knowles her honorary title for her contribution to the arts) wrote on their Facebook page that they were offering a reward for anyone who recovered the unique ring, which features an open design with two bezel-set stones of different sizes facing each other.

Knowles married video director Alan Ferguson, 51, in the Crescent City in November 2014.

In better news, Solange apparently received a key to the city from Mayor Mitch Landrieu that same day, which she tweeted about, saying, “I hope this key gets me into Leah Chase’s kitchen at least 3 times a week!”

Leah Chase is, of course, the 93-year-old chef at the helm of New Orleans’ historic Dooky Chase restaurant in the Treme section of the city.

Solo Star also said on Twitter that her son, Julez, 11, helped her put it all in perspective, saying, “‘[M]om I’m just happy YOU didn’t fly off the float … that you’re safe, & that you still get to have the love you have.’”