Detroit Man Is Not the Father, but Court Says He Owes $30,000 in Child Support 

Carnell Alexander didn’t father a child. The child’s mother and a paternity test both indicate that he isn’t the child’s father, yet a court is still demanding that Alexander pay some $30,000 in back child support.  

Carnell Alexander
Carnell Alexander ABC 7 Screenshot

A Detroit man is facing a choice given him by the state of Michigan. The first option is to pay $30,000 in back child support for a child that is not his. His second option? Go to prison.

But wait, it gets worse. Everything and everyone involved in this story—including a paternity test, the child’s mother and the court that has given Carnell Alexander the two options—recognize that the baby isn’t his.

“I feel like I’m standing in front of a brick wall with nowhere to go,” Alexander told Detroit news station WXYZ.

Alexander told the news station that he learned about a paternity case against him in the early ’90s after a police officer called him a deadbeat dad during a traffic stop. The officer also informed him that there was a warrant out for his arrest for unpaid child support.

“I knew I didn’t have a child, so I was kind of blown back,” Alexander told the news station.

Alexander has been fighting since then to clear his name, with little success. Here is how the story unfolds: The state claims that in 1987 Alexander fathered a baby. The state also claims that it sent several notices to an address on file and that Alexander ignored those notices. Alexander says that he never got the notices because they were sent to an address where he no longer lived. When he heard about the child, he went to court.

“And when you were telling them in court—’That it was not my child’—they told me it was too late to get a DNA test,” Alexander told the news station.

At the time, Alexander didn’t know the location of the woman who claimed he was the father of the child, and with only sporadic work, lacking a full-time job, he had no money.

He eventually ran into a friend who knew where the woman was, and they got a DNA test. The test proved that Alexander had a 0.00 percent probability of being the child’s father. According to the woman, the child’s actual father was also in the child’s life.