30 Viral Voices Under 30

The cool kids of the Internet who make up this group of journalists, humorists and activists are shaping our daily conversations. And they’re just getting started. 

Heben Nigatu; Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor; Chasity Cooper
Heben Nigatu; Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor; Chasity Cooper Images courtesy of the subjects 

We’ve selected 30 of the world’s most influential and youngest viral voices—from journalists, bloggers and Vine makers to YouTube superstars, social activists and budding brand owners. Meet the minds who are defining a social generation. If you don’t already know who they are, you’re missing out.


These millennials are penning must-read pieces spreading through the Internet like wildfire.

Heben Nigatu

Age: 23
Twitter: @heavenrants
Why she’s viral: Nigatu is fast becoming one of BuzzFeed’s most dependable young voices for hilarious social media commentary as well as thought-provoking journalism. She’s always click-worthy, whether it’s “39 Pieces of Advice for Journalists and Writers of Color” or “29 Tumblr Posts About White People That Will Make You Sip Your Tea.

Rembert Browne

Age: 27
Twitter: @rembert
Why he’s viral: ESPN’s Grantland takes a deeper look at sports and pop culture, but Browne may be the site’s star player. When his Twitter time line isn’t cracking us up, he’s busy crafting literary gems like his annual closing bracket of who won the year and openly proclaiming the glory of the Knowles-Carter dynasty.

Chasity Cooper

Age: 25
Twitter: @chasityscooper
Why she’s viral: As a digital-media strategist, Cooper isn’t just a move-making millennial. Her self-titled website is dedicated to telling the motivating stories of others just like her, as well as breaking news and stories geared toward helping millennials be their best in the workplace and beyond.

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