One Last Summer Road Trip? Apps to Keep the Kids Happy

If you’re planning to travel by car with little ones before school starts again, take our advice and download these before you go. 

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Gone are the days when families would play games or sing a song to pass the time during Labor Day road trips. But not all electronic entertainment is created equal. To avoid the dreaded question, “Are we there yet?,” check out these fun, creativity-inspiring and educational apps your kids will love. And let the countdown ’til school occupies their days again begin.

1. Myles & Ayesha Black Inventors Match Game by Uplift Inc. / Leshell Hatley

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android


This app challenges memory skills through the match-game component. Children receive detailed information about each invention (inventor, patent number, date of patent) with an option to continue reading more.

2. Pianist by MooCowMusic Ltd.

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch