The Catch Up: What You Missed This Week In Memes And More

Get up to date on what viral goodies you missed this week on social media.


The Root understands that you may be busy during the week and that the latest on social media may not be a priority. Or maybe you just want to relive the funniest memes and trending topics of the week. We’ve got you covered as we relive a week of Internet hilarity. The week began with reaction to a misinformed Variety article about “How Elvis invented rock ’n’ roll 60 years ago.” The publication felt the wrath of Black Twitter.

1. Black Twitter explains other things white people invented

Justin Timberlake teaching Michael Jackson how to moon walk, for example. And you can’t forget what Marvin Gaye can learn from Robin Thicke.

2. Lil’ Mo vs. Prince

After Prince took over the Mercedes-Benz Superdome at the Essence Music Festival, Lil’ Mo couldn’t get into the bathroom to pee. Lil’ Mo’s Instagram jokes were no match for the royal purple shade Prince had in store.

3. #HuskyTwitter

The hashtag #HuskyTwitter took over everyone’s timelines because of Prince Fielder’s nude cover on ESPN magazine. The Texas Ranger won a bit more than a few new fans, according to someone who made this meme depicting Fielder spinning the “Price Is Right” wheel.