People Who Are Not Invited to The Root’s 4th of July Barbecue

We think these individuals have more time-sensitive issues to tend to.  

Justin Bieber; Donald Sterling; Janelle Ambrosia
Justin Bieber; Donald Sterling; Janelle Ambrosia Theo Wargo/Getty Images; Robyn Beck/Getty Images; YouTube Screenshot

The invitations to our annual Fourth of July barbecue have gone out (did you get yours?), and there are a couple of people who didn’t make the list this year. Don’t get us wrong: It’s not that we dislike these individuals. We just think that their time would be better served tending to more important things, like therapy, diversity training and anger-management class. 

1. Donald Sterling.

We might have forgiven Donald Sterling if he had expressed a bit of remorse for those inappropriate comments he made about “minorities” and his female friend “associating with black people.”

But he didn’t. He had the audacity to go on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show and duck and dodge questions about all of the incidents that suggest he harbors a severe dislike for black and Hispanic people, and worse, that he willfully acts on his bigotry. During the interview, Donald ran his mouth about everything under the sun, like how Magic Johnson doesn’t do enough for the African-American community and how Magic should be ashamed of himself for contracting HIV.

Since Donald doesn’t want to atone for his actions and doesn’t seem interested in getting help—in the form of therapy, perhaps—then it’s probably best that he keep a healthy distance from the mouthwatering hot dogs, baby back ribs and juicy coleslaw we’ll be dishing up at the barbecue come Independence Day.  

2. Justin Bieber.

As old country folks would say, it seems like Justin Bieber always got something goin’. 

In January, Justin was arrested for a DUI (that’s offense No. 1) while drag racing (offense No. 2) on an expired license (offense No. 3); and cops added a “resisting arrest” charge to that plate because Justin allegedly cursed the cops out while they tried to detain him. It’s an epic fail times four.