Dear Men: It’s Not Hip-Hop’s Body, It’s Nicki Minaj’s Body

Stop dad-splaining to Nicki Minaj about her own body.

Cover art for “Anaconda”
Cover art for “Anaconda” Young Money/Universal

Except, of course, when we’re in the mood for some ass shaking. Then it’s completely OK to turn the other cheek and salivate over the sexual. Then it’s OK to be daddy.

So here’s a thought for all you Malcolm XXX’s out there: If you’re going to police a woman and how she chooses to display her body, don’t. Because every time a grown woman chooses to show more of herself than conservative America is comfortable with, that doesn’t mean it’s time to launch some thinly disguised propaganda campaign.

Contra Creekmur, Minaj doesn’t have to sell sex. She showed up at the 2012 Grammys dressed like a milkmaid, and “Roman’s Revenge” sold nearly 400,000 copies in a week.

Rihanna doesn’t need to sell sex. She’s got more Instagram followers than some countries have people. Sometimes nudity is just beautiful and self-affirming.

When we jump on the bandwagon with the masses and choose on a whim when we will shame black women’s bodies as trashy—instead of accepting them as beautiful—then we as black men do nothing but further the divide between ourselves and black women.

That’s all you did here, Chuck. Get a grip.

Aaron Randle is a Howard-bred writer living in Kansas City, Mo. Follow him on Twitter.