Watch: New Orleans Woman Sits Down With Wine Glass for Her Own Funeral

There was no open casket for Miriam Burbank, but she was sitting down in front of the guests at her own funeral, cigarette in hand, wine glass topped off, celebrating her “last party.”

Miriam Burbank at her own funeral in New Orleans
Miriam Burbank at her own funeral in New Orleans Screenshot/Magnify 

Funerals are used to commemorate and remember what we loved best about our loved ones, and Miriam Burbank was sent off with a bang.

Propped up in a chair in a dining table-type setting, Burbank was posed with a case of Busch beer at her feet, a menthol cigarette tucked between her fingers, with a huge glass of wine and a can of beer in front of her, WGNO reports.

Apparently the unusual send-off was the brainchild of Burbank’s two daughters, who said that “Mae Mae,” as they used to call their mother, had been full of life, and they wanted her funeral to be reminiscent of that spirit. They told the Charbonnet Funeral Home’s funeral directors—who are reportedly changing the game in the funeral business—and they constructed the setting, ditching the traditional open casket.

Burbank’s nails were also painted black and gold, symbolizing her love for her local NFL team, the Saints. She also wore a gold scarf, sunglasses and statement earrings, completely glammed out. There also was reportedly a disco ball flashing above her head.

According to the news site, Burbank is not the only New Orleans native to be sent off in this extraordinary manner. In April, well-known local Mickey Easterling was placed seated on an iron bench, greeting the guests at her own funeral with champagne in hand.

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