9 Telltale Signs You’re Turning Into Your Dad

If you’re wearing cardigans or “mandals,” you might be turning into the man who raised you, just in time for Father’s Day.


Father’s Day is the time to celebrate your dad. It is also a good time to evaluate whether you’re actually turning into him. Have you suddenly taken an interest in grilling? Do you have trouble understanding rap lyrics? Here are the telltale signs that the transition is under way.

1. You’re wearing cardigans.

Has your collection of Cosby sweaters outgrown all the other clothing in your closet? Then you may be turning into your dad.

2. You’ve embraced “mandals.”

These shoes are a marker of adulthood. Once you get the mandals, you can’t go back. If you find yourself wearing these with socks, you are too far gone—your youth is over.

3. You find yourself muttering these sayings.

You may be turning into your dad if you’ve recently said, “You’re wasting all my good electricity” or another classic “black proverb.”