Listen, Pastor Bryant: The Real Issue Is Women Are Too Loyal

Women have got to stop being co-conspirators in our own oppression—whether it comes from the street corner, a rap artist or the pulpit.

Pastor Jamal Bryant Twitter

Nowhere in the Bible does it better exemplify Christ’s attitude toward women and disloyalty than the moment when the townspeople are preparing to stone the woman caught in adultery, an act of actual disloyalty.

Jesus does not berate her or call her a bitch or a ho.

Jesus does not try to be popular, scintillating or relevant to the masses planning to assassinate her by saying, “You know these hoes ain’t loyal.” Instead, he lovingly speaks divine truth into a volatile situation by simply calling those who wish to judge this unnamed woman for her adultery and disloyalty to look at themselves before demeaning, demoralizing and killing this woman. Bryant, the commentators and all of us would do well to follow this example before throwing stones at women to get a quick amen, or an explosive, though hugely effective, media sound bite.

So, maybe the problem isn’t that “these hoes ain’t loyal.” Maybe the problem is that black women have been too loyal for far too long to men who aren’t truly loyal to them.

Frances Cudjoe Waters is a United Methodist pastor as well as a writer, blogger and frequent lecturer with a focus on issues of faith and justice, culture and family life. She has written for The Root and the Huffington Post and blogs at Follow her on Twitter.