Waffle House Customer Shot Dead by Cook, Police Say

In front of early-morning patrons, Quintavius Martin, 25, pulled a gun and fired after an unruly costumer apparently threw water in his face, police say.


A dispute involving unruly costumers at a Georgia restaurant turned deadly early Friday when a cook fired shots, killing a man, WSB-TV 2 reports.

Customers reportedly watched in horror as the scene unfolded at 4:30 a.m. at a Waffle House in Fulton County, Ga., the report says. Police told the news station that Adrian Mosley, 33, a customer, may have thrown water into the face of Quintavius Martin, 25, the cook, who then pulled a gun, according to WSB-TV.

Police charged Martin with murder, WSB-TV reports.

“Three people came in and they were being unruly,” Ontray Haley, a witness, told WSB-TV.  “The female that was with them, they asked her to leave, so she left, but the two guys hung around, and one of them got into it with the cook and the security guard. Next thing I know, shots rang out and it was a chaotic scene. Everybody was running and ducking.”

Martin reportedly asked the men to leave, but one became abusive, the witness told WSB-TV.

“The guy was threatening the cook, saying he’s from this side of town and [Martin] said, ‘You can take it outside because I’m going to fire you up,’ which I guess he meant he wanted to shoot him or whatever,” Haley told WSB-TV. “I didn’t know the cook had a weapon on him because I thought the security guard shot him.”

Customers ducked for cover as shots rang out.

“I hit the floor, got out of the way of gunfire,” Haley told the station. “It was crowded. People were just coming from the club up the street.”

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