Dallas County and Parkland Hospital Executives Set Example in Push for a Living Wage

Parkland Hospital executives have decided to increase the minimum wage for employees, effective July 1, to $10.25 per hour, well above the minimum wages set by Texas and the federal government.

WFAA 8 screenshot

Brittany Florence, who cleans floors for a living at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, will earn a living wage for the very first time.

“I can save money and move into my own place now,” Florence told ABC affiliate WFAA 8.

Next month Florence, 25, will see her wage increase by $1.50 an hour, reports WFAA.

The pay increase stems from a move by Parkland’s executives and board members to offer around 230 entry-level employees, mostly in linen, dietary and environmental services, a living wage to narrow an ongoing pay gap.

“We are hoping this will provide our lower-level employees a more equitable standard of living, and will also benefit our organization,” said Jim Dunn, Parkland’s chief talent officer and one of five committee members, reports WFAA.

Starting July 1, full-time Parkland workers will earn a minimum of $10.25 an hour—$3 more than the state and federal minimum wage, both of which are set at $7.25 per hour.

“We’re looking to show our commitment to all levels of talent in the organization,” said Dunn, the Dallas Morning News reports.

Parkland leadership’s efforts to boost morale for its employees by offering a fair wage won’t come cheap. It is estimated that the wage increase will cost the hospital an additional $350,000 this fiscal year, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The money will come from the executives’ performance-reward fund.