Are You a 2-Minute Man? You’re Not Alone

A new book says most people are focusing too much on the frequency of sex and not spending enough time on the quality.

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Still, it’s ingrained early on and reinforced throughout our lives that our manhood is measured in part by what we do in the bedroom. Women know this and find themselves in the unenviable position of sacrificing their own satisfaction for the sake of salvaging men’s egos. That can eventually lead to frustration and unhappiness both in and out of bed. 

The simple fix: Talk. We’re all adults here, and there’s 23 hours and 58 minutes’ worth of opportunity every single day to broach this sensitive subject with your lover.

T.J. Holmes is a journalist and TV personality. Formerly of CNN, he can currently be found at MSNBC, and his commentary can be found online. Follow him on Twitter.

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