Seriously, D.L. Hughley, You’re Telling Columbus Short’s Wife to Shut Up?

Everyone’s innocent until proved guilty, but mocking a woman for reporting domestic abuse isn’t helping anyone.

Columbus Short and Tanee McCall-Short
Columbus Short and Tanee McCall-Short TWITTER

I’m not sure what D.L. Hughley’s problem is with Columbus Short’s estranged wife, Tanee McCall-Short—or, in general, with women who have been subjected to domestic violence—but on a recent episode of his online radio show, the comedian had some raw advice for McCall-Short, who says she was attacked by Short: “Shut the f–k up.”

Excuse me, D.L.?

That’s pretty cold, to say the least, considering that she’s the mother of Short’s children, and he’s alleged to have held a knife to her throat.

Earlier this month, news broke that McCall-Short had filed for divorce and obtained a restraining order, saying that Short had threatened to kill her, and himself, during an argument. Although McCall-Short did not go public with the allegations, TMZ obtained the couple’s court documents and broke the story on its website.

Once the article was picked up by news outlets worldwide, everyone was talking about Short’s behavior—which reportedly included a bar fight in March, punching a man out during a pickup basketball game, and prior domestic incidents with his wife. After Short called in to the Tom Joyner Morning Show April 18 and gave a “bizarre” interview—and dropped the n-word—he was let go from his coveted Scandal gig.

It’s been a rough couple of months for the actor, but according to Hughley, Short’s estranged wife—whom he described as a “thirsty bitch” and a “ho”—should have kept her mouth shut about the alleged violence because going public was against her financial interests.

“I think that broad shouldn’t be telling all his business if she gone take him to court,” Hughley man-splained.

“Columbus is making a ton of money, right?” he asked his co-hosts. “And this woman is obviously used to a lifestyle, right? And she’s going to want to continue that lifestyle, right? Running her mouth is impacting that lifestyle.”

Hughley’s female co-host, Jasmine Sanders, pushed back against his egregious comments to ask the comedian how he would feel if Short had actually killed his wife, which, for women suffering from domestic abuse, is a very real concern.

In response, Hughley said that had Short killed his wife (although he doubts the violent incident happened at all), he’d talk about how horrible the actor was, but he chalked up McCall-Short’s allegations to a stupid “emotional reaction.”