New Orleans Man’s Confrontation With Cop Caught on Tape 

Donrell Breaux was allegedly arrested for no reason and was met with no answers after he repeatedly asked why he was being detained at a friend’s house.

The unidentified officer attempting to restrain Donrell Breaux
The unidentified officer attempting to restrain Donrell Breaux YouTube

Updated Thursday, April 3, 8:45 p.m. EDT: 

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office released a statement late Thursday regarding the arrest of Donrell Breaux. According to the statement, the officer was responding to a call from a neighbor who claimed that a black male was cursing at him, his wife and his children, even when asked to stop. The unnamed neighbor said that he felt threatened by this and called 911. He also said that he wanted to press charges against the male subject, who was cursing, and added that he could smell marijuana. 

When the officer arrived at the scene, he asked for identification from Breaux. The officer confirmed that he, too, could smell marijuana. From the statement:

As the officer walked with Breaux towards the door he told him he was under arrest. As the officer followed him into the doorway with his handcuffs in hand, Breaux attempted to close the door on the officer. The officer continued into the home where a brief struggle ensued. The officer did in fact tell the suspect he was under arrest for resisting an officer, as indicated in the video. Breaux was eventually placed in handcuffs and taken into custody.

There is no indication that charges against Breaux—which include disturbing the peace, battery of an officer and resisting arrest—were dropped. 

The statement also listed some arrests from Breaux’s police records, which include “terroristic threats and acts” at a school, distribution and possession of marijuana and reckless conduct. 


It’s hard to watch.