Hats That Should Have Been Saved for Easter Sunday

The higher the hat, the closer to God.

President Barack Obama leaves a meeting with members of the House Democratic Caucus March 14, 2013, in Washington, D.C. With the president are Reps. Frederica Wilson (Fla.) and Terri Sewell (Ala.).  Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

4. Nicki Minaj raids Strawberry Shortcake’s closet.

If you can get over the fact that Ms. Minaj looks like a Power Ranger at a dance recital, the bright beanie she’s wearing would appease your favorite deacon.

5. Rep. Frederica Wilson, hat genius extraordinaire.

We only wish that our hat game was as tight as the Florida congresswoman’s. She’s awesome. And so are all her bedazzled, colorful, over-the-top hats.

6. Rihanna’s Paris Fashion Week bunny ears.

All black everything, head bowed in silent worship. Rihanna is ready to give Him the glory!

7. Lil’ Kim: Mad Hatter gone wrong.