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Africans Are Helping Themselves—Fuel Their Innovation, Not Your Own

Enough with the old narratives about refugee camps and impoverished children. A new book sheds light on the continent’s movers and shakers who are operating innovative businesses grounded in one motto: “For Africa, by Africa.”

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Here were “the highest decision-makers in development,” Olopade explained, communicating these antiquated narratives about how there was “poverty everywhere [in Africa].”

“It was very frustrating to find that,” she continued. 

Renowned economist Dambisa Moyo has been making her way around the lecture circuit, arguing this point for years—that is, don’t donate to Africa; invest in it. That Olopade’s book grounds this idea by giving a face to African entrepreneurship, and her suggestion in the Times op-ed that Africa can be the guidepost for how the world should tighten its fiscal belt and “aim for the notch marked ‘Africa,’ ” is exciting.

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