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6 Times Privilege Went Wrong for White Families

A teen who dragged her parents to court over her tuition reminds us that kids’ entitled attitudes can mean wasted money and humiliation for the people who raised them.

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5. When you send your kid to college, only to have her spend her exam period apologizing for a racist rant.

Alexandra Wallace   


In her apology for a "repugnant" YouTube video mocking her Asian-American classmates, UCLA student Alexandra Wallace said, "I cannot explain what possessed me to film it." We're going to take a wild guess and say an upbringing with little to no cultural diversity or accountability for how her words might affect others helped with the creative process.

6. When your kid commits a murder and blames your career.

Jason Bohn

ABC News​

Apparently, being the son of a high-powered publishing executive can lead to ... murder? That's the case being made by attorneys for Jason Bohn, a 35-year-old lawyer who's on trial for the death of his girlfriend. He claims that the crime stemmed from his sense of abandonment when Mom started devoting herself to earning money for the family when he was 10 years old.

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