Scandal Recap: Of Monsters and Men

Quinn officially loses her mind. Huck says sorry. And Mellie finally gets some love.  

Bellamy Young as Mellie Grant in Scandal
Bellamy Young as Mellie Grant in Scandal ABC

“We do not touch the first ladies.” —Mellie to Andrew

The wordplay in this scene was so hot that I drank water instead of wine. Mellie says this right before planting a firm kiss on Andrew then running out all distraught like the perfect woman she is. I’m here for Mellie, though, and all I want is for her to get some McLuvin.

“Stock your damn fridge!” —Jake to Olivia

Damn Jake is fine. Like, he’s Old Spice, “I’m on a horse” fine. But aside from him being fine, it seems like it’s Olivia’s turn to not understand how hard it is for someone. Let’s face it, I get overwhelmed just watching her; I can’t imagine the stress of actually being within 100 feet of her, much less being Olivia’s boo.

“Get out or I’ll shoot you.” —Quinn to Olivia

This is the thanks Olivia gets after she tries to get Quinn back to OPA. This is the first time they’ve talked one-on-one in what seems like forever, and any relationship they could’ve had seems impossible now. Which is probably for the best since Quinn gon die.

“Does it feel good? Is it an amazing high? Or is it so intense that it actually hurts like a fire in your belly?” —Mellie to Fitz

Mellie says this to Fitz after he tells her to stay away from Olivia. After all she’s been through, I just want to take Mellie to church or on vacation or that place all guys go in movies to be alone and meditate, which always seems to be the top of a hill or something.

[Trigger warning] “Because my father-in-law forced himself on me, and I don’t know if my son is his and sometimes that makes me not want to be alive.” —Mellie to Andrew

Oompf. That was like a punch to the gut. Mellie finally lets someone in, and he doesn’t run away screaming from the pain she’s carrying. Instead he wants to save her. *Cue Rihanna’s “We All Want Love”.*