Fathers Need to Learn That Beating Daughters Won’t Make Them Good Girls

She Matters: In yet another viral video, a dad tries to teach his child a lesson in all the wrong ways.


Running away is an issue that a beating doesn’t address. And by beating her like he did in public, the father has practically assured she won’t be in the house very long. Wherever she was for those three days, it was probably with someone who she feels treats her better—and she likely will be back there soon enough.

I feel for this girl. We don’t know where she was for those three days, but a child who is looking for love and acceptance—or just not to be hit—in all the wrong places needs a hug, a conversation (or several) and a dad who protects her and reinforces her self-esteem, not a father who treats her like she’s an errant prostitute. That doesn’t solve anything.

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