Cop Shown Apparently Breaking High School Student’s Arm in Cellphone Video

In the video, the police wrestle the student to the ground, then there is the sound of what could be the young man’s arm breaking.

Screen grab from the video YouTube

Cellphone video footage allegedly shows a cop breaking a student’s arm after an early March altercation at a Texas high school, the Blaze reports.

The video, which captures the chaos, shows students shouting as two officers take one of the students to the ground, one of them bringing the young man’s arm behind his back.

It is then that it is possible to hear screams, as the youth cries out about his arm being broken.

According to the Blaze, one of the student’s parents has filed a complaint with the Beaumont Independent School District, claiming that the video shows the officer breaking her son’s arm. The district is reportedly reviewing the complaint.

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