Why All the Anger Over a Model’s Breast-Feeding Photo?

She Matters: Instead of being “disgusted” by model Ashley Nicole’s Instagram photo, we should praise her for highlighting an important issue in the black community.

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To which I wonder, why shouldn’t it be public? It’s natural and normal and putting breasts to their biologically intended use. What’s the problem here?

As a society, we—or at least our doctors—have agreed that breast-feeding children is best for the health of the child. There are multiple national initiatives to get women to breast-feed more since the United States lags behind the rest of the world in doing so. Breast-feeding moms hear a battle cry, take action and are met with “don’t do that in public!” as if they were masturbating. People do understand that the child is eating, not becoming aroused, right? Um, right?

I don't understand. Is it really so hideous to see a breast being used for something other than being sexy? Do breasts at actual work pose a societal danger of which, despite having had them for more than 20 years, I am as yet unaware?

I have no “skin” in this game. I am not responsible for any babies. But I understand that a mother feeding her baby is a natural and completely civilized use of the human body. If you don’t like it, avert your eyes or click the convenient little “X” button in your browser or just keep scrolling past on Instagram. And that’s especially for the hypocrites who walk by men’s magazine covers and never give any real thought to the overexposure of breasts there just for titillation but want to overthink breast-feeding.

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