Figuring Out the Right Time to Introduce Him or Her to the Kids

If you’re single and dating, here are some tips for how and when to bring your significant other home to meet the children.

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What do you do now?

Ask yourself a question. Is the person worth keeping around your child? Even after the time you’ve invested? It definitely makes sense to give both of them time to warm up, because not all connections are going to happen instantly. Don’t get discouraged if they’re not getting along, but don’t ignore the issues your child may have with the person you’re dating.

My mother had this issue with my siblings and me. She was involved in a long-term relationship with one man after her divorce. To say we couldn’t stand him would be an understatement. There were times when just being around him would work our nerves. We didn’t go as far to break them up, but we definitely hoped the relationship would run its course. And eventually it did. Unfortunately we knew that if we would have said to her, “We told you so,” it would have been a recipe for disaster.

Dating and being a single parent isn’t going to be easy to juggle, and it’s also not a necessary task. Some people choose to forgo dating altogether until their children are out of their house, and that’s completely fine. Whatever decisions you make as a parent when it comes to dating don’t only depend on your own wants and desires, but also your children’s.

If you’re a single parent and dating, when do you think it’s appropriate to introduce your child to the person with whom you’re involved?

Yesha Callahan is a full-time writer and single mother living in Columbia, Md. She has written for BlogHer, Jezebel and The Grio and has been seen on HuffPost Live and TV One’s NewsOne Now With Roland Martin. She is currently the managing editor of Clutch magazine and is a former comedy and politics writer for BET’s Don’t Sleep! Hosted by T.J. Holmes.