Scandal Recap: No Valor, No Virtue

Sally blames the devil. Fitz has a temper tantrum. Olivia’s makeup is flawless. And Mellie is the prettiest psychopath ever. 

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope
Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope ABC

Mellie stays checking Olivia, and she manages to look stunning while being a total psycho. It’s clear that Mellie traded her sanity for the White House a long time ago.

After rumors start swirling again that Olivia is Fitz’s secret boo, Mellie takes it upon herself to take control of the narrative in the press. She invites Olivia to a very public lunch, where they’re all fake smiles, since if they appear to like each other, it’ll be harder to believe that Olivia is betraying her. Right? Right.

“I did not murder my husband, Leo. The devil murdered my husband when he snuck inside me.” —Sally to campaign manager Leo

I laughed so hard at this that I nearly spilled some of my riesling. Sally has totally lost it. Leo takes it in stride, though, and basically shushes her and tells her to go sit in a corner somewhere.

“It seems like Vermont is getting farther and farther away.” —Olivia to Jake

Olivia more whispers this to herself than actually says it to Jake. It’s a rare moment when we remember that beneath her all business exterior, she’s a woman who wants love. And no matter how smart she is, she, too, can let herself be deluded with the near-impossible promise of a big house and a lifetime of butterfly kisses from her tall, white boo.

“That’s right; she told me what she did, but more importantly what you did.” —Leo to Cyrus

Cyrus was already freaking out when the press started asking questions about the autopsy, but when Leo confronts him with the news that he knows Cyrus helped Sally cover up Daniel’s murder, he looks like he’s just seen a ghost. Perhaps Cyrus will finally have to face the devil he’s become.

“Do you honestly think I would do anything to jeopardize her? I’m on your side here.” —James to Cyrus in a reference to their baby as he tries to get more info about the autopsy

James records his conversation with Cyrus and later gives it to David Rosen. It seems that James is finally starting to come to terms with the kind of man he married.