Michael Dunn: A New Breed of Thug in Florida

When the defense talked about a “thug subculture,” they meant Jordan Davis and his friends, but the killer is the real thug.

Michael Dunn
Michael Dunn YouTube

Never mind the fact that it was the teens who returned to the scene of the shooting to receive help while the actual thug, Michael Dunn, did what thugs do and rolled out because the block was hot.

While Jordan Davis lay on the unforgiving cement struggling to breathe, suffering from gunshot wounds in each leg and through his liver, lung and aorta, it was Dunn who bounced from the scene and went back to the life he was living before he shot up the block.

Back at the hotel, he walked his dog and ordered a pizza. He didn’t call the police or wait until they arrived to explain that he feared for his life. In fact, he didn’t even tell his fiancee about the supposed gun he saw until almost a month later, and was that because Dunn followed the thug code? No Snitching!

He kept it G after his drive-by right up till the police contacted him, and even then he expressed no remorse for the shooting. Gangsta.

The turn here and the scariest part is that generally a thug doesn’t have the ability to morph from heartless sociopath into a fat, sad lump of all-American heartland. This new breed of thug is more violent and heartless because he can shoot a black teen in cold blood one moment and then transform into a soft caring, frightened citizen—all by changing his clothes. And a sympathetic jury and an understanding justice system allow him to get away with murder.

So Jordan Davis didn’t get justice on his birthday. His killer isn’t in jail for killing him because a jury had trouble seeing past the sweater and the skin color to who the real thug was in this case.

Stephen A. Crockett Jr. is an associate editor at The Root. Follow him on Twitter.