Marvin Sapp Will Sing for Free So You’ll Listen to His Message

The award-winning gospel artist is helping urban families realize that they don’t have to settle when it comes to education.

Families enjoying a free concert to promote academic options hosted by gospel singer Marvin Sapp and the Black Alliance for Educational Options Dexter Jones/Photos by Dexter

One of the answers for both was a multicity tour to raise awareness in quite a few Southern states where schools consistently fall well below national level to promote educational opportunities. An added allure is a free, live performance featuring Sapp and his comedian brother Hen Sapp.

“The 2014 School of Choice Tour With Pastor Marvin Sapp” includes a community discussion about black students’ education status and the options available for their parents, who are seeking better opportunities for their children.

And so far it has been working. Both Campbell and Sapp have been pleased with the turnout, having already performed at a few locations when The Root spoke with them.

“People love to hear Pastor Sapp sing but this is an opportunity to not only hear him sing but also hear a very personal message about the importance of parental choice and the work that he’s doing in Grand Rapids,” Campbell said.

When BAEO did a similar tour with the singer last year, they entertained and educated about 12,000 people in six cities. This year, the tour has expanded to 11 cities, and their target audience is much, much bigger.

 “We increased the number of cities for the tour because ultimately we want to reach more people with our message to inform, inspire and empower parents to mobilize and learn about the value of parental choice in helping to increase achievement for Black students,” said Campbell in a press release.

And they both hope to continue their collaboration, and make it even bigger, for as long as necessary.

“Preferably, if everything works out the way that we expect for it to work out, 2015 will be a bigger year,” Sapp said.

“This is very important that we take this word to our community,” Campbell said. “It doesn’t happen as often as it really needs to.”

Members of BAEO, including Campbell and Sapp, will continue to tour the Southern cities for another week. On Saturday they will be in Jacksonville, Fla., before passing through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and closing off next Thursday in Memphis, Tenn.