George Zimmerman: Only God Can Judge Me

The 30-year-old former neighborhood watchman sat down with CNN's New Day to talk about his life after the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin. 

Chris Cuomo and George Zimmerman
Chris Cuomo and George Zimmerman Youtube

On Monday, George Zimmerman appeared on CNN’s New Day to say that he was the victim in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin. He doesn’t watch the news anymore, he said, so he isn’t up on the Michael Dunn case, and only God can judge him.

Zimmerman also told host Chris Cuomo, in one of the few interviews Zimmerman has given since the trial and his subsequent acquittal for fatally shooting the unarmed teen, that he had been the victim of death threats and that he thought his life would go back to normal after the trial. 

“I was the victim,” Zimmerman told Cuomo, who quickly responded by reminding Zimmerman, “The victim was Trayvon Martin. You know that.”

“No, I certainly was the victim,” Zimmerman replied.

“When I was having my head bashed into the concrete and my nose broken, I was a victim,” he continued. “So I wouldn’t say I was not a victim.”

Zimmerman also expressed his interest in becoming an attorney. He wants to “stop the miscarriage of justice that happened to me from happening to somebody else. I don’t think it should ever happen to anyone ever again, not one person.”

Zimmerman said that a pending U.S. Department of Justice civil rights investigation wouldn’t allow him to say whether he regrets killing Martin.

Zimmerman admitted that he tried to hype his paintings so that he could make money to provide for his family.