I Won’t Let America Ignore How Dope Black Millennials Are

My Thing Is: I’m sick of the stereotype-fueled media narrative about young African Americans, so I’m using my platform to highlight those who are hustling in silence.

Chasity Cooper
Chasity Cooper Courtesy of Chasity Cooper

To date I’ve spotlighted 25 millennials—capturing their insights into and experiences with success, overcoming obstacles and embracing themselves as they navigate life in their 20s and 30s. I’ve always been passionate about storytelling, so sharing the talents and capabilities of my peers was a no-brainer.

Although the format for the “MOAM” entries is the same, each story is unique and yields insight into the different struggles, fears and triumphs that millennials face. From the young man who has spoken all over the country, served our first black president in three capacities and worked with top NFL athletes and who was laid off without warning, to the young woman who is a marketing executive by day and a children’s author by night, these are tales of achievement from black Americans who won’t stop at anything to make their dreams come true.

While it’s fine to aspire to hoop like LeBron, ball out like T.I. and wake up flawless like Beyoncé, we have people in our ranks who are just as inspiring, whether it’s through their contributions to education, justice, fair business practices or philanthropy. It’s disheartening that America won’t pay attention to them. And if we black millennials don’t start the trend, then who will?

A PR and social media marketing strategist, Chasity Cooper works to inspire millennials to find the intersection of their passion and purpose. Follow her on Twitter.