Stars of About Last Night Offer Relationship Advice

Kevin Hart and Regina Hall dish about their own love lives and offer advice for Valentine’s Day.

Kevin Hart and Regina Hall in About Last Night Sony Pictures

TR: In looking for love, what are the three most important traits that you look for in an ideal mate? Is physical attraction all that matters?

KH: Top three traits that I look for? Of course, humor. Personality, humor is a necessity. I love a person that can just be spontaneous within having a good time. That doesn’t mean physical off the [bat]. Spontaneous means pick up and go and be comfortable with just going.

And last but not least, for me, I’m big—real, real big—on my kids. My kids are everything. And now I’m in a serious relationship. But if I wasn’t, nobody would just be able to be around my kids. So you know how a person interacts with my kids would definitely be a large thing. So, liking kids, loving kids, something along the lines of how you are with kids. But that’s a hypothetical, because my lady is great with my kids.

RH: Humor is important. I love a man who’s thoughtful. This is going to sound strange, because of course I want to be a priority in a man’s life, but I want his work to come first. And I say that because a man who is happy in his work is a happier man at home. I like a man that’s able to say, “I can’t do that because I have to do this.” Obviously, I would want someone who is open to kids because I would still like to have a child. The clock is ticking.

TR: Men and women seem to agree that dating and relationships can sometimes be complicated to figure out. Are there rules or guidelines that women or men should follow to improve their dating styles?

KH: Um, I don’t do rules. Call me “the Rule Breaker.” No, you know what I mean. To each his own. But me, personally, I believe that what is going to happen is going to happen. You can’t set limitations on relationships and how things should be until you have reached a certain level in that relationship.

I think in the beginning, it’s all about figuring out one another. After you do figure each other out, you naturally know why you are together and why you are having a good time. So you don’t really want to break that.

RH: Call me “the Rule Maker.” I think men, in my opinion, are natural hunters. I think that subconsciously, a man likes a girl that gives him just a little bit of a hard way to go. You know what I mean? And I think you have to give him a little bit of a hard way to go in order for the man to go “Huh?” and really see if he’s interested.

If it’s too easy, men lose interest, so my thing is, ladies, don’t make it too easy. And I’m not saying that this is a game or that a time frame has to be used, like 10 dates or seven dates, but you kind of know what it is.

TR: Men and women’s perceptions of each other and what is taking place in a relationship rarely seem to be the same. What is your advice on avoiding some of these miscommunications or relationship mishaps when courting the opposite sex?