New Biopic Tells Olympic Champion Gabby Douglas’ Inspiring Life Story

Lifetime’s The Gabby Douglas Story details the gymnast’s journey from homelessness to double-gold medals.

Gabrielle Douglas at the 2013 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles, July 17, 2013 Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for ESPY

Regina King, who plays Douglas’ mom, dazzled the athlete with how well she captured her mother’s essence.

“She is amazing. She’s such a doll, and she played my mom so well. Me and my sister were joking around: ‘Mom, she even played a better you,’ ” Douglas said. “She did a fantastic job portraying my mom, and she was definitely on point.”

Although she has accomplished more in her 18 years than most people will in their entire life span, Douglas remains humble, grounded and focused. She encourages her fans and anyone who might see the movie to take heart and continue believing in themselves.

“I just want them to see—of course, yes, my life story—but I want them to see that things are possible. And I went through some things in my life that were very difficult, and I went through struggles, and I want them to see that it is possible. And if they’re going through something in their life, I want them to know that they can overcome it,” she added.

Where Douglas’ journey will eventually lead is anyone’s guess. She fiddles with the idea of acting, launching her own fashion line, performing on Dancing With the Stars and other big dreams—all of which are more than possible through the opportunities won by her hard work.

She’ll even dabble in sportscasting at this year’s Super Bowl.

“I’m a correspondent for Inside Edition for the Super Bowl, and I’m really excited because I’m a really big fan of football,” the Patriots fan said. “I’m just a little sad that my team didn’t make it, but it’s all good; maybe next year.

“But I’m going to be … on the field, and I’m going to have such a fun time,” she added. “This is going to be my first time at the Super Bowl. It’s going to be so different because I’ve always been sitting at home watching it, so it’s going to be just different, but I’m really excited about it.”

But her short-term goal is much more focused. She has her eyes set once more on one of the world’s greatest athletic competitions.

“I’m training right now, and everything’s going smoothly, and hopefully I’ll be competing by this year, and yes, the main goal is 2016,” she said, referring to the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.