‘Thank God’: Don’t Say It If You Don’t Mean It

Do celebrities actually believe in the God they are so anxious to acknowledge when they win awards?


If this is so, then it is possible that the continual references back to a Christian God, and the seeming attempts by these artists to make themselves into modern-day pop gods, are a fundamentally human response to a God that does exist beyond human, physical bounds; and that these may be seen as attempts to fill this hole even while the artists intellectually and artistically reject the idea that such a void actually exists.

The bottom line for many Christians is that it would be far more preferable for popular secular icons to leave Christian identity and iconography alone altogether, rather than taking them and shaping out of them new graven or human images.

Frances Cudjoe Waters is a United Methodist pastor as well as a writer, blogger and frequent lecturer with a focus on issues of faith and justice, culture and family life. She has written for The Root and the Huffington Post and blogs at BTransformed.com. Follow her on Twitter.