New Video Shows Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at It Again

Two new videos emerged on YouTube showing the Toronto mayor drunk and rambling in a Jamaican accent.

Rob Ford    
Rob Ford     Youtube

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is back at it again: drinking, cussing and imitating a Jamaican accent, as two new videos have emerged on YouTube that show the mayor, well, being the mayor.

In one video titled “New Video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Drunk, Swearing in Jamaican Patois? Bumbaclot,” the mayor is shown in a fast-food restaurant slurring his words, rambling about police surveillance and calling police chief Bill Blair a derogatory name, the Associated Press reports.

Ford, who acknowledged last year that he smoked crack after police obtained a copy of tape that they said showed him smoking crack, swore off drinking in November 2013. Ford claimed that he only smoked crack after “one of my drunken stupors.” Outside his office Tuesday, the mayor acknowledged to AP that he drank Monday night and said that it was him on the video. When asked if he also did drugs, Ford said no.

“I was with some friends, and what I do in my personal life with my personal friends, that’s up to me,” Ford said. “It really has nothing to do with you guys.”

On the recording, Ford can be heard using a faux-Jamaican accent.

“Chase me around for five months. Leave me alone, and then try and tell me, we’re counter-surveilling the guy. He’s hiding here, I’m hiding here. Oh, we don’t know?” he says before rambling incoherently, AP reports.

Ford told AP that he didn’t think the accent was derogatory or offensive.

“It’s how I speak with some of my friends,” he said.