Amazing but Totally Racist Art: Garage Magazine Editor-in-Chief Sits on ‘Black Woman’ Chair  

Dasha Zhukova stepped in it when she was featured in online magazine Buro 247 seated in a chair designed to look like a very realistic, half-naked black woman. 

Dasha Zhukova sitting on "black woman" chair
Dasha Zhukova sitting on "black woman" chair Twitter

Updated Tuesday, Jan. 21, 1:30 p.m. EST: Dasha Zhukova, the Garage magazine editor-in-chief who came under fire for sitting on a very realistic “black woman chair,” has issued an apology for the photo, saying that it was taken out of context, according to the London Evening Standard

“This photograph, which has been published completely out of context, is of an artwork intended specifically as a commentary on gender and racial politics,” said the 32-year-old, who is the partner of Russian billionare Roman Abramovich. “I utterly abhor racism and would like to apologize to anyone who has been offended by this image.”

A spokesman for Zhukova said that the artwork, which belongs to Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard, is from a series that “reinterprets art historical works from artist Allen Jones as a commentary on gender and racial politics.”


Online magazine Buro 247 published a story on Monday featuring Garage magazine’s Russian editor-in-chief, Dasha Zhukova. The problem? Zhukova was posed on a chair that was designed to look like a half-naked black woman.

According to the Huffington Post, Buro 247 quickly got the message and altered the image, cropping the photo on the website to show only Zhukova and not the chair—a little too late in this world of high-speed Internet and instant communication, however.