Black TV Dads We Wish Would Adopt Us 

From Dr. Huxtable to Uncle Phil, here are our favorite TV fathers.

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Reginald VelJohnson 

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Carl Winslow, portrayed by actor Reginald VelJohnson, put up with Steve Urkel. That’s enough for him to make the list of favorite dads.

6. George Jefferson, The Jeffersons


Sherman Hemsley

TV Land

George Jefferson, played by actor Sherman Hemsley, moved his family to a deluxe apartment in the sky and had crackfire wit to boot.

7. Bernie McCullough, The Bernie Mac Show

Bernie Mac

Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

Bernie Mac, known by his full name, Bernie McCullough, on the series, graciously took in his sister’s children even if they did give him a hard time.

8. James Evans Sr., Good Times

John Amos

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

James Evans, portrayed by actor John Amos, worked hard to provide for his family. Despite the difficulties of living in one of Chicago’s most downtrodden housing projects, James kept the family together.

9. Frank Mitchell, Moesha


William Allen Young

Frank Mitchell, played by William Allen Young, was a stand-up guy and came clean, even when it was the hard thing to do.

10. Philip Banks, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air