Why Can’t Fox News Leave Christmas Alone? Christmas Is Doing Just Fine

Christmas is many things—religious, secular, commercial—but it’s not in trouble.

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Oddly, Fox News doesn’t bother railing against rampant secularism, calling for a strict religious observance of the holiday like a gaggle of fundamentalists. And it doesn’t jump all over capitalism for turning the holiday into an annual “selling-of-the-crap” juggernaut. Instead, it’s all over-blown, isolated stories about people complaining about nativity scenes at city hall.

Lost in their hollering is the fact that if city hall doesn’t have a holiday observance, it doesn’t stop the millions of other observances going on at the same time. It doesn’t affect celebrations at your church, your house or the mall. In fact, it has no effect on what you do personally about Christmas at all. There is no anti-Christmas Gestapo coming to your house to chop down your Christmas tree if the government doesn’t do something Jesus-related for the holiday. And why would Christians—especially those who are into Fox News and are wary of government anyway—care what the government does for Christmas?

This country was founded on getting the state out of our religion, not creating a religious state.

So, I’m going to celebrate Christmas. Because I can. Because I always have. Because it is my favorite holiday. And whether you like the holiday, openly despise it or are largely indifferent, none of that will matter to me. Someone’s lack of Christmas does not affect my bountiful Christmas of gorging on cookies and going to office parties. None of that changes me forking over an inordinate sum to fly home to St. Louis to see my parents and sisters.

You can worry about the “war” that will clearly look silly in 200 years when Christmas turns back into a drunken, pagan orgy. Or you can enjoy the holiday—religious or not—with those you love.

Choose love, people. It’s better for your mental health in the long run.

Danielle C. Belton is a freelance journalist and TV writer, founder of the blog blacksnob.com and editor-at-large of Clutch magazine.

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